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About Further Up

“Jesus Christ did not say 'Go into all the world and tell the world that it is quite right.' The Gospel is something completely different. In fact, it is directly opposed to the world.” ― C.S. Lewis

I’m Starting a Rebellion

A rebellion of heart, soul, and mind. That’s what I’m after in this space. The Christian mind has fallen prey to the language of culture. Celebrity Christianity, elitism, and a leadership model built on the pursuit of influence has transformed the Christian voice so much, it is indistinguishable from mainstream culture.

This shift reveals the vacuum of discipleship rampant in our churches—a by-product of a decades-long love affair with the relevance and seeker-sensitive movements. In order to grab a place at the cultural table, Christianity has exchanged the depth provided through discipleship, for a headline-grabbing shallowness. 

We’ve moved away from developing cultural theologies and moved into the postures of secular pundits. 

And that’s why I created this little newsletter: to revive the Christian soul, heart, and mind in the world and to reframe our theology on the foundation of beauty.

If you sign up, you’ll get original analyses on faith and culture each week. You’ll get email reflections on vocation and calling as well as inspiring explorations into spiritual minimalism and why our cultural education is important. This little rebellion will fight to earn your inbox’s trust.

But we’re not all buttoned up over here. A life of faith should be one of joy. It includes adventure, grit and beauty, poetry and good ole laughter, and so will this space.

This newsletter is free for all. But behind the scenes, I’m assembling a tribe of folks who want more than free content that inspires them. They want to change the world with the love of God. When you move to “paid,” you join the cultural rebellion. You are saying, “I don’t want to miss out on the movement that is brewing here.” If this is you, welcome to the rebellion. And, stay tuned—something special is brewing for paid subscribers.

It’s Time to Change the Narrative

G.K. Chesterton said that each generation needs a band of saints, a crew of incongruent people willing to live counter to the culture. If you are a Christian, you are a saint. Will you step up with me and bring a renaissance to the Christian cultural influence? One that doesn’t rely on aping culture, but, instead stands outside of it, calling it to something beautiful.

So, I’m looking for a band of cultural rabble-rousers and beauty chasers who do not accept the status quo in this world. Is that you?

If it is, then it’s time to pull away from the constant pull and scroll of social apps on our phones. It’s time to re-engage our minds with more than bumper-sticker theology. It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with the created order and read the book of nature. It’s time to return the Church to the hard and beautiful simplicity of its message.

Are you with me? Then, subscribe.

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