What Causes a Divided Mind?

In which I spend 12 minutes expounding on how to beat anxiety.
  • Don’t let negative circumstances consume your thoughts and create anxiety. Instead, use the time when things fall apart to draw near to God.

  • How to Free Your Soul - Paul uses the Greek word ‘mirimna’ both positively and negatively.

  • Paul uses it to describe the kind of good care Timonty gave to people in his church.

  • Paul also gives the negative command, “Do not be anxious …”

  • Oswald Chambers described anxious thoughts as “unconscious blasphemy” against him. (Whoa!)

  • Bengel (1862) said anxiety (or consuming negative care) and prayer are more opposed to each other than fire and water (‘curare et orare).

  • Be in the moment this weekend. Don’t let the negative and consuming thoughts of anxiety keep you from living your life.

  • Next time, we’ll unpack Paul’s Grammar of the Soul. Hint: Beauty is part of it.

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The Beautiful Disruption
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