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Ahhhh...I was banking on you sharing one of my favorite Lewis quotes! I so agree with you! In fact, as I journaled last week I was questioning the L-rd as to why "I often forget to remember ". Bless you for pointing us toward this present moment when sublime memories can be made!

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I really enjoyed listening to you read this post! This quote really struck me, “First, eliminate distractions.

Easy, right? Not quite. You must be ruthless and relentless in this action. Leave your phone off until you absolutely need it for your daily activities. Silence email until you need to check it. Block off hours for deep work.”

My inclination has been to grab my first cup of coffee upon waking and sit down to scroll through social media posts and emails. You’ve inspired me to leave my phone in sleep mode longer and spend the first moments of each day in the Word, reading and meditating on it. I’m going to check out those Psalms you referenced too! Thanks for the encouragement to live in the present and to remember God’s faithfulness from the past!!

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This helped me tonight. Super rough couple days. Your words were anchoring reminders of what I know to be true.

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