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Apr 21, 2020Liked by Timothy Willard

No other comments? I came across this post via a link at the bottom of an email for your reading of Psalm XXXVII, sent out on 20 April. I have really enjoyed listening to those - nice job on the reading and the background music. This was a great post and very relevant to a concept that has been on my mind and heart for a while. I picked up the sport/hobby/what-have-you of dual-sport/adventure motorcycle riding a few years ago after moving to Colorado. I have attempted to make the most out of the least as far as equipment goes for my excursions, a goal of mine for a long time when it comes to the outdoors. Similarly, I have become more intrigued with minimalizing my thought pattern and information intake, relying more on the classics and the great thinkers/writers rather than the mental diarrhea plaguing the interwebs. Like you, I tend to pick up on the simple luxuries of our blessed life, and my wife and I will often point out our “first world problems” when something we’ve been taking for granted is no longer available. The consumerism running rampant in America and blasted into your face at every turn turns me off more and more every day. The insight provided by kierkegaard is great stuff and I’m looking forward to bringing this up for discussion with my wife and sitting on it for a while. A quote I’ve often heard and believe, in this fallen world, to be very true and, unfortunately, something we humans find ourselves in the perpetual cycle of: “Good times breed soft people. Soft people make for hard times. Hard times breed good people...”. Here’s to spiritual minimalism and a depth of intimacy with our father beyond our understanding.

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