Out of the Darkness

In which I get excited about Asbury, awakening, and the tender light from Heaven.

Notes from our Unscripted Session

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Main Session
  • Let’s be reticent to cast judgment on the awakening at Asbury.

  • Instead, let’s take a 30,000-foot view and see the greater work of God in our world at the moment.

  • Consider the darkness of the past three years brought on by Covid—the lockdowns, isolation, tragedies, suicides, bankruptcy, loss of family, loss of work, and psychological trauma.

  • Contrast the darkness with a few things happening right now in our world:

    • Asbury Awakening

    • The Chosen

    • Conversations about God bringing a Revival of Healing

  • Consider the characteristics of the Asbury Awakening:

    • Tenderness

    • Warmth

    • Palatable Love

    • Invitation

    • Repentance

    • Healing

    • Sweetness

    • Beauty

    • The Acoustic-ness of Revival

    • Radical Humility

  • Consider how God has used The Chosen that began during Covid and how it is changing people’s lives.

    • It’s a show that elevates God’s love and healing.

    • It highlights God’s acceptance of all people who are willing to believe in him.

    • It shows the Son of God touching, hugging, and healing physical people. This contrasts the post-Covid world, where fear of people and touching and isolation have physically driven people away from each other.

  • Be encouraged and inspired to worship God as he brings us out of the darkness and into the preciousness of his presence.

Community Reminders
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The Beautiful Disruption
The Beautiful Disruption
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