Tim, thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. I really appreciate your openness, and your perspective on these things that are going on.

I’d like to say two things about this.

Firstly: I think that we are seeing right now a great deal of people who are shaken by being confronted with people who worship God differently than they do, people who are experiencing some fear as they as they are forced to broaden their idea of what it looks like to know this God, and that in fact it may often look very different than they’ve thought for so long. But I think that on the other side of this fear there is an opportunity: an opportunity for greater unity than we’ve seen before in the Body. Where there is division, there will the healing hand of God be seen most powerfully.

Secondly: I personally find your story of the Bible study when you were a kid very encouraging. I’m in a place and time of my life right now where I’m experiencing some tension around how “church” is done around me, and wondering what the next season will hold, and what my community will look like. Hearing you talk about your experience, Tim, reminded me that no matter where I go, the Lord will be with me, and His family will be my own. I think that when we seek the Lord with a humble heart, He will always bring us to a place that feels like Home.

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Feb 26, 2023Liked by Timothy Willard

Thank you for speaking on Asbury and your perspective on it and your experience when you were younger. Yes, it's all about Him! I love the words describing His presence as tender, precious, warm, inviting, etc. It's all about His beauty. I loved your sharing!

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