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Tim, thank you so much for working hard to communicate these things in a way that some at least will understand. Your words remind me of Lewis' Space Trilogy -- conjuring in my mind a greater view of the Big Picture, this enormous story we've been participating in with our ancient brothers and sisters, people so "far behind" us in what we see as technological advancement, yet so far ahead in understanding the deep things of creation. I too wish to see the world more as they did, looking beyond the surface and into the heart of things. What a different time December would be if we took notice of these cosmic truths more than we did the lights and toys.

What a lullaby this world we're living in has been humming. Thank you for being a fighter, for shouting through the sleepy noise. You have affected me very deeply with your writing, and been something of a beginning in my journey into wakefulness.

I'm glad that you've taken time to step away and look at the stars, and collect your thoughts for impactful pieces like this -- and for the silent growth of your own soul. I look forward to reading more, and to getting my hands on your next book.

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